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Celebrating a Lifetime of Dedication and Service: Dr Iftikhar Lone Receives the 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award

By Published November 09, 2023

Celebrating a Lifetime of Dedication and Service: Dr Iftikhar Lone Receives the 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award

In a momentous occasion, the recipient of the 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award, Dr Iftikhar Lone, stands as a beacon of inspiration and a testament to the transformative power of a lifetime dedicated to a service. 

Born admist the stunning landscape of Kashmir, Dr. Lone's journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. It began in 1970 when he embarked on a distinguished career in medicine, making the onset of a legacy deeply interwined with the National Health Service (NHS). As one of the first Asian doctors in the Tees Valley area, Dr. Lone broke barriers and pioneered a path for future generations. 

His impact tenure at Pool Hospital laid the foundation for a lifelong commitment to enhancing healthcare delivery, particularly for the undeserved. Beyond medical practice, Dr. Lone emerged as afervent advocate for ethnic minority doctors, demonstrating leadership as the Chairman of the Pakistan Medical Association. His efforts have played a pivotal role in fostering a sense of community and solidarity among medical professionals, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of many.

Dr Lone’s influence extends beyond the realm of healthcare into the fabric of the community. He played a crucial role in the development of the first mosque in Middlesbrough, Jamia Mosque on Waterloo Road, showcasing not only his dedication to spirituality but also his commitment to diverse
and multicultural tapestry of the community.

In recent years, Dr Lone faced a personal challenge with unwavering courage – his battle with COVID 19. The triumphant recovery from this ordeal resonated deeply with those who knew him, llustrating his enduring impact and the profound respect and admiration he commands.

A recent knee replacement surgery, conducted within the very NHS he tirelessly served, further underscores Dr Lone’s faith in a healthcare system that cares for all, regardless of age or background.

Beyond his professional achievements, Dr Lone’s warmth, dry sense of humour, and deep love for Middlesbrough FC and the NHS have endeared him to patients and inspired a song dedicated to his life. Sean Cooney and The Young’uns immortalised his story in the song “Doctor Boro”, encapsulating the essence of his journey and the challenges faced by the NHS.

His resilience, passion, and unyielding commitment to society serve as an inspiration to all. Dr Lone’s story is a living testament to the power of the human spirit, the impact of selfless service, and the importance of leaving a legacy of compassion and dedication. This award is bestowed upon Dr
Iftikhar Lone, acknowledging his lifetime of dedication and service, creating a ripple effect of positive change that will be felt for generations to come.





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