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Too tired to talk? Less than a quarter of men regularly talk to their partners about their mental or physical health

By Published October 01, 2019

Is there a man in your life who doesn’t open up much?

It seems too many British men are suffering in silence, with under a quarter (23%) aged over 55 regularly speaking to their partners about their physical and mental health.

Some of the key issues men are perhaps too embarrassed to talk about include:

  • Testosterone deficiency (only 22% would visit a GP)
  • Low libido (under 5% would visit a GP)
  • Erectile dysfunction (32% would visit a GP)
  • Tiredness or fatigue (34% would visit a GP)

These are all key symptoms of testosterone deficiency, yet it’s clear many men wouldn’t deem them important enough to visit their doctor.

These findings are based on a new study which has been released in line with Bayer’s 2019 “Tackle TD” campaign, urging men to discuss their health and recognise the symptoms of testosterone deficiency.

Testosterone deficiency (TD) is the medical term for having a very low testosterone level, caused when the body does not produce enough testosterone. TD is more likely to affect men as they age as there is a progressive decline in testosterone levels as men get older. It’s estimated that 5% of men over 40 suffer from low testosterone.

More broadly, the research found a third of men only visit their doctor every few years or not at all. Men would rather do the weekly shop or sort their finances than book a GP appointment to discuss health issues.

Nearly two thirds of women (63%) say they would encourage their partners to visit the doctor if they showed signs of the condition.

Men are being urged to open-up about any issues they may be struggling with, whether it’s to a friend, a partner or a GP.

To find out more listen to Jason on CVFM Radio on Wednesday 2nd October discussing the matter with Dr Johnny Coxon and will be available to download on our mixcloud page shortly after.

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