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The average British office worker spends more than two months of the year slumped in their office chair

Published October 29, 2019 By

The extent to which Brits have become a sedentary nation has been revealed by a new study.

More than 8 out of ten people surveyed (84%) admitted there are days they don’t leave the office from the minute they get in, to the moment they leave.

Only just under a third (28%) take a lunch break most days, but 37 percent said they never or hardly ever get the chance to go out and clear their heads.

During the darker winter months, 95 percent confess they do not see sunlight during the day – a disapproving boss and colleagues making them feel guilty for getting a breath of fresh air at midday are reasons given for staying wedged to their desk.

The poll found two thirds (67%) of UK workers said being in the office all day left them tired, 31 percent felt trapped and depressed and more than one in five (22%) said they felt like a battery farmed chicken.

But 18 percent complained there was nowhere pleasant to go and more than one in ten (11%) said they hate going out into the hustle and bustle.

One in five (20%) said the unpredictable British weather made them stay chained to their desk and just over one in ten (11%) said it was not ‘the done thing’ to pop out at lunchtime.

The research also shows that of those that do nip out on their break, 22 percent said they spend it talking about work with their colleagues. And 16 percent head to the shops for an opportunity for some retail therapy.

A quarter moaned that their days go so quickly, lunch is just a blur and 32 percent claimed they crave sunlight when cooped up in an air-conditioned office.

15 percent complained that the only fresh air they get is when they open the office window.

The research discovered 15 percent of UK workers haven’t explored the area near their office properly and 14 percent said they wouldn’t know how to find a nice green spot.

Nearly a third of those polled were in agreement and said they must make more effort to get good quality fresh air at lunchtime.

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