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Breaking the silence: Three quarters of men won’t open up to friends about their mental health

By Published November 22, 2019

How to spot the signs that someone might need to talk…

Going through a mental health problem is hard enough, without having to face it alone. But new research has found three quarters of men aren’t willing to open up to friends about their mental health.

And sadly, one of the main reasons for this is for fear of being a burden to their friends (42%).

The new study by growing mental health movement, Time to Change, uncovered that despite two thirds (64%) of men classing themselves as good communications, nearly half (44%) of men have had less than two heart to hears with a male friend in the last year.

But it may not be for lack of wanting to talk, rather not knowing what to look out for… Two fifths (39%) feel they would miss the signs that their friend needs to open up. 

Serious topics like mental health (37%), sex life (43%) and money (45%) remain hard topics to broach with even their closest of companions. 

Lack of quality time is also a factor in male friendships, with work (47%), family commitments (38%) and being too busy (27%) taking up most of their time.

The study of 3,000 men in Britain, commissioned by Time to Change, highlights the barriers men still face when speaking openly about mental health. To tackle this, Time to Change is urging people to ‘Ask Twice’ if they suspect a friend, family member, or colleague might be struggling with their mental health.

The campaign acknowledges that when we ask how our friends are doing, the usual response is ‘Fine thanks’. The simple act of asking again – ‘Are you sure you’re ok?’  – shows a genuine willingness to talk and listen.

Jason spoke to experts on CVFM Breakfast the interview is now available on our mixcloud page. www.mixcloud.com/cvfmradio 

For more information head over to Time to Change website. https://www.time-to-change.org.uk/blog/5-ways-ask-twice-when-your-mate-says-im-fine

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