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Vulnerable Man Helped Return Home by Street Wardens https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-50600597
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Vulnerable Man Helped Return Home by Street Wardens

By Published December 19, 2019

A VULNERABLE Middlesbrough resident forced out of his home and onto the streets by his own family has been rescued from misery by the town's caring Street Wardens.

Two Middlesbrough Council wardens were out on their regular patrols in central Middlesbrough when they came across a man in distress.

The duo gained the trust of the man who explained he had been forced out of his home by his family members and that it was a regular occurrence.

With the winter temperatures dropping the wardens took the man to a safe warm place and gave him a pair of gloves and a hot drink while they made contact with the local authority specialist homeless advisor.

One then immediately liaised with the registered social landlord to organise a joint visit to the family to discuss this situation and then liaised with police to deal with the issues of theft and damage caused to the vulnerable man's property.

The Wardens then took the man home once they knew it was safe for him to return.

Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston said: "The Street Wardens have done a brilliant turn for this guy and hopefully put him on a path to getting more help with the issues he's faced.

"This is the side of the Street Warden service that people probably don't know enough about but it is a brilliant example of the care and the help the team give day in, day out.

"Enforcement is still a massive issue and we absolutely have to come down hard on any bad behaviour but I really love hearing these kind of positive results from the team."

Street Wardens wear body-worn cameras, have the power to issue Fixed Penalty Notices and have also recently begun carrying naloxone kits - a drug that reverses the effects of an overdose.

By administering the drug the wardens, who are trained in first aid, have already saved the lives of a number of people in Middlesbrough in a short space of time.

Other ongoing community safety issues in Middlesbrough include the introduction of new Community Enforcement Vehicles, and extra powers to for wardens to hand out fines to people drinking alcohol in public, littering, begging, allowing dog fouling, bin rummaging, cycling on pavements, spitting and urinating or defecating, which came into force in TS1 last week.

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