A POWERFUL new campaign is spreading the message that forced marriage and ‘honour-based' violence are abuse - not cultural norms.

Women across the Tees Valley are invited to get cycling this summer as part of a new campaign from local transport project Let's Go Tees Valley.

60 percent of allergy sufferers in the UK claim the symptoms are ruining their lives.

That’s according to a new study which has found failing exams, canceling parties and having holidays ruined are just some of the trials and tribulations experienced by millions of hay fever sufferers.

Allergy UK reports that more than 44% of the UK now suffers from an allergy.

And now, results from the latest klarify.me study found Leeds is the allergy capital of the UK, where nearly three quarters (74%) of the city have symptoms, followed by London (70%).

Glasgow is the most allergy-resistant city, with only 46% of the population suffering – still a high amount, though!

The study reveals two thirds (65%) of sufferers say their symptoms impact them almost EVERY DAY and a massive 82% of people who have allergy problems think their condition is not taken seriously by family and colleagues at work.

The problem is more acute for pregnant women, with as many as 80% saying they suffer and many feeling unable to use medicated solutions in-case they harm their baby.

The nationwide study conducted by allergy experts klarify.me found the most common allergy among people surveyed was pollen (64%), followed by certain foods (28%) and pets (22%).

A fifth of sufferers say that they have tried “everything” to combat their symptoms, with a fifth (20%) using prescription drugs and a third (32) buying from the chemist. 

Jason from CVFM Breakfast will be talking to Dr Ellie Cannon on Tuesday 9th July. Dr Ellie’s TV career started on BBC1, as the in-house medical expert on The Secret Tourist, followed soon after by her GP role on Sky Living’s documentary Claire Richards: Slave to Food. She appeared in BBC1’s Long Live Britain and was one of the key medical experts on two Channel 4’s PRIMETIME health shows, Health Freaks, and Doctor In Your House. Ellie broadcasts weekly on Matthew Wright’s Talk radio show and can be seen and heard commenting on health matters across Channel 5 news and LBC. In 2017, she channeled her inner-geek appearing in a Celebrity Eggheads team of celebrity doctors! (She won her round).

About klarify.me

At klarify.me, we provide medically approved allergy information to help people better understand their allergies. We back that with carefully curated products and services to help them manage their allergy more simply and easily. klarify.me launched in April 2018 and is currently available in Germany and the United Kingdom. klarify.me is fully owned by ALK A/S and based in Hørsholm, Denmark. Visit klarify.me for more information.

UNDERPANTS and floor lamps - just some of the unusual items already cleared from Middlesbrough's streets by a newly formed litter picking group.

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