About CVFM

We are the heartbeat of Middlesbrough: CVFM Radio!

We aren't your average radio station, churning out the same old tunes for the same old crowd. We're CVFM, the vibrant voice of Middlesbrough, a community-powered tapestry woven from passion, diversity, and a whole lot of fun.

Born in 2009, with non-profit motives but a heart full of purpose, we set out to be a platform for every voice in this amazing town. No language barrier holds us back, no musical genre is too niche. We celebrate the Bollywood beats alongside the Party anthems, the Urdu poetry echoing with the French chanson, and everything in between. Because in our world, differences are what make the music truly beautiful.

But we're more than just a soundtrack. We're champions for local talent, nurturing musicians, poets, comedians, and anyone with a story to tell. From the bustling Mela to the electrifying local music festivals, we're there, amplifying the energy and spirit of Middlesbrough in every beat.  

The real magic behind the mic? It's us, the volunteers. A passionate crew fuelled by a love for our town and a desire to connect. We're the DJs, the storytellers, the voices that weave this community together. And you know what? You can be a part of it too!

Do you have a show idea brewing? Want to learn the ropes of radio and share your passion with the world? Or maybe you just have a few hours a week to spare and want to contribute to something special? We welcome you with open arms. We'll train you, support you, and make you feel right at home in our vibrant family.

This is your radio, Middlesbrough. This is your platform to share your stories, your music, your dreams. So crank up the volume, join the movement, and let's make some noise together! Remember, we're not just a station, we're a community, and together, we can make sure the voice of Middlesbrough resonates loud and clear. So, what are you waiting for? Tune in, turn up, and let's get this party started!


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