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5 years on UK roads: Driving then vs now

By Published August 22, 2019

With Green Flag turning 25 this year, the breakdown cover provider has looked back on the last 25 years of driving in the UK and how changes have impacted motorists.  Jason from CVFM Breakfast had a chat with Stuart Pearce the Ex England Footballer and Manager.

Their research uncovered the shocking rise in the cost of driving and reveals what motorists anticipate will be the future of travel which includes electricity-powered cars becoming normal, cars which self-park, are solar-powered and even fly you to work.

However, more than half (53%) of Brits would still rather manually drive their car than get to their destination in a self-driving car.

The research uncovered the top road offences that UK drivers have been guilty of committing. UK motorists admitted to speeding almost 5 times a month, drink driving a shocking 2 times per month and driving whilst on their mobile more than twice a month.

Baby Boomers are more guilty of driving misdemeanours, with two fifths (43%) having been caught speeding, compared to only a fifth (21%) of millennials

Brits report owning 4 cars in their lifetime and keep their cars for an average of 5 years.

The most popular first car for Brits to own is a Ford (26%), across the board and particularly Generation Z drivers who are 17-21-year olds. (29%)

When it comes to colour preference, blue tops the list as the most popular choice for Brits’ first motor (23%), closely followed by red car (19%). By contrast, the most popular colours now are silver (20%) and black (19%). 

Brits report spending an average of £4,483 on their first car, although, perhaps unsurprisingly, the so-called silent generation (73+) paid a significantly modest £2,707. 

Nowadays, Brits report spending an average of £11,609, with men spending almost £3,000 more than women, who spend £10,608. 

Brits may feel nostalgic about their motors, and especially so when they recall the soundtrack to their first car, with UK drivers reporting that radio was the most enjoyable aspect of a lengthy car journey (55%), followed by good weather (48%), good company (46%) and a good album (40%). 

Drivers in the UK are spending significantly more nowadays on car-related expenses including petrol and insurance. When owning their first car, UK drivers reported spending £14.15 per week on petrol, which is almost half of today’s weekly expense of £27.05

When it comes to car maintenance and handling, Brits most wish they didn’t have to manually clean their car (36%), fill up petrol (31%), or stay within the speed limit (24%).

Stuart Pearce, MBE, English footballer and manager, is Green Flag’s 25 Year ambassador and played for England 25 years ago when Green Flag sponsored the national team.  To listen to the full interview click on the following link or head over to the CVFM Mixcloud page for more interviews https://www.mixcloud.com/cvfmradio/cvfm-breakfast-with-jason-talking-to-stuart-pearce-mbe-the-ex-england-footballer-and-manager/ 

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