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Fuelling Rise in Identity Fraud – First-Timers Being Blamed

By Published December 08, 2020

New research published today backed by INTERPOL, has found the risk of identity fraud has increased significantly with attacks occurring more frequently since the start of the pandemic.

Onfido, the global identity verification and authentication provider, is publishing its Identity Fraud Report 2020, which reveals that over the past 12 months, the average identity document (ID) fraud rate increased by 22%.

Fraud is becoming the new ‘side hustle’ and first-time fraudsters appear to be more prevalent which is being blamed on increased economic hardship during the pandemic.

The report found unsophisticated fraud grew 40% year-on-year, from 57% in 2019 to almost 70% in 2020.

Professional Fraudsters are also working harder! 

ID Fraud is no longer just a 9-5 job. In 2019, Onfido identified that many fraudsters treated it as a 9-5 job. Attacks were higher on weekdays and dropped off over the weekends. This year, that’s changed. Now, the suspected fraud rate is staying almost level across the whole week. 

Professional fraudsters appear to be working “overtime”, with the activity level at these times further bolstered by a growing ‘talent pool’ of amateurs or first-timers-professionals. 

Onfido partners with international criminal police organization INTERPOL on fraud techniques and learnings. The agency contributed to the report and concluded that Identity document fraud is often linked to organized crime, money laundering and terrorism. 

Fraudulent activity peaked in July and August. But with large parts of the UK encountering a ‘second wave’ and re-entering lockdown, coupled with the spike in online activity for the Christmas holiday season they predict fraud rates will start to climb again in the last few months of the year.

Jason from CVFM Breakfast spoke to Michael Van Gestel, Head of Global Document Fraud at Onfido. To listen back to the interview click here: https://www.mixcloud.com/cvfmradio/cvfm-breakfast-with-jason-greenwood-on-tuesday-8-december-talking-about-id-theft/ 


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